Teaching during the pandemic is weird

My teaching reflection of late.
As much as I try to normalize it, teaching during the pandemic is strange.
I felt it this week because 3 of my students are moving back to another country that they used to stay. It’s literally halfway around the world.
When this happen in the past, I used to feel very sad and then I became quite numb about it when students leave.
This time is so different because I never got to spend a lot of in-person time with these kids. With that said, it is sad for me becaue the farewells are also done virtually. I told the eldest of the siblings to stay in touch via IG. That’s the positive side of the internet these days.
To some extent, I feel bad that the children did not get to experience the best of what I could offer them in Music class. I guess this feeling shall pass.
I hope I’m not the only one who has this feeling in the past year since the first lockdown.

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