Android Video Editor Comparison | VN vs Capcut


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Since music lessons will be virtual for me for awhile, I decided that my students need to learn this essential skill.
You don’t have to be an aspiring musician or artist to learn this.
Doesn’t matter what you job or career you’re going to pursue, this skill has become so important since the pandemic started.
More important than ever.
Video making and editing.
Some of my students tried to troll me.
Does a rubbish collector need this skill?
Well, yes, if you want to educate the public on how they should recycle and segregate their trash. Why not?
So, we explored some apps. My year 7s were very eager and helpful..
Must be the TikTok hype driving this.
It doesn’t help that I introduced them to Jacob Collier and Kurt Hugo Schneider.
They wanna do Hedwig’s theme as their project now.
I’m very open to trying something new and one of my Year 8s recommended VN Video Editor. I tried it out, it works but something about it is not friendly.
Then my Year 7s raved about Capcut. So, okay, I gave it a shot and I have to say I like the Capcut results better.
Watch the comparison in this video post!

Do you think there’s a difference? 🤔


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