Equipment & The Environment for Online Music Lessons: Computer, smart phone or tablets

Computer, smart phone or tablets vary according to size and in-built quality. For good visuals, you should use a computer or laptop so that you can see your students well and use it to control lesson material. To broadcast a good visual demonstration, you may consider using your smart phones or tablets because the cameras in these devices are better than in-built cameras of laptops unless you have a webcam. To broadcast interactive material (eg. software, websites), either of these devices will work as long as you transmit the visuals at the correct view size. For example, a website that you open on your laptop may appear small on your student’s phone screen. Consider enlarging the visuals by zooming in so that your students can see well.

I’d like to think that most teachers have at least two devices: a computer or laptop and a
smartphone. The combination of two devices can be a great bonus to your lesson. So, maximize them if necessary!

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