Simple Flash Game for Rhythm Recognition and Note Reading Training during Quarantine/Lockdowns/Restricted Movement Music Lessons

This is a rather painful period for many educators I know, music or not. We do care for our student’s welfare and education. Teachers around are doing the best they can to juggle #stayathome life while diving into this this world of online learning. If I can say one thing, it is “Hang in there! You can do this!”. It’s also alright if you don’t. It is understandably overwhelming as we learn to cope with this new normal. Fret not as there are tonnes of existing resources out there that will help you tide through this season.

On my side of the world, instrumental teachers are learning to cope with online teaching through Zoom or other video call platforms. I also hope to add more value to my online lessons so that students may still benefit from musical learning remotely.

I recall this two incredibly simple but convenient websites that every music teacher should try to use at least once. They’re both customizable according to the levels that fits your student.

The Rhythm Randomizer


Rhythm Randomizer allows you the flexibility of choosing the parameters for time signature and the number of bars. You can also choose the type of rhythm values. In case you don’t know how to change the rhythm, just click on the image and you’ll see a new set of rhythm flashed across the  screen.


Note Exercises by MusicTheory.Net

This flash site is also free to use and also very customizable as shown in the pictures below.


You can change the parameters of this game by selecting the Settings button. You may alter the game by adding key signatures, adjusting the range of pitches, accidentals, etc.

I hope you find these free resources useful for your online lessons. Have fun!


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