Piano cover: Sempurna by Andra & The Backbone

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Sempurna Original Music Video by Andra And The Backbone

Personal Reflection On “Sempurna”

Rock ballad Sempurna came out in 2007 and I first came across this song when I was still in secondary school. I can’t remember how I came across this Malay hit. It’s rare for me to like Malay songs but this one came across as special. It is recorded by Indonesian band Andra & The Backbone. I recorded a piano cover of this song.

This video was recorded way back in year 2010. My keyboard at that time was just a wee Casio, my very first piece of digital instrument. I was very into experimenting my keyboard and especially music recording. At that time, I was also very active in school choir. I remember recording all sorts of stuff on it. However, I have sold it more than 5 years ago to a uni batch mate who really needed a small keyboard but I had no use for it anymore. I upgraded to a full sized digital piano from Casio too. What’s left of it is still the keyboard stand which is very very portable.

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As you can see in the video, my music arrangements were all hand written. Pity that I had not discovered digital notation at that time. Otherwise, I would have a booming collection of piano covers and arrangements by now.

They say it’s never too late. So here goes (finally!) the digitally notated Sempurna for piano.

Sempurna Piano Sheet Preview

Preview of Sempurna piano arrangement. To download, click on pdf link above.

Click here to download “Sempurna Piano Sheet”

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2 thoughts on “Piano cover: Sempurna by Andra & The Backbone

    1. Thanks! That was really sometime ago. You should try listening to the original song. Internalizing the music from there makes it so much easier.


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