Creating A Channel For Me and My Students

Creating A Channel For Me and My Students

Social media is the in-thing of this age. You cannot run away from it. There are times where my students manage to find my private FB account through my colleagues. However, my opinion is that we shouldn’t mix up our personal lives with people at our work place. This is especially when your students wants to be your friend on FB.

Just a few days ago, I created a separate FB account which is exclusively for my students. However, it is so inconvenient to manage two FB accounts; it is very tedious to log in and out of two accounts. Then tonight I came across the idea of creating an FB page with my private account. The good thing is your private stuff are still kept private. So I thought I try it out and see what happens in the coming weeks or months.

If there is anyone who are having a similar predicament as me, what’s your say in this? Do you think creating an exclusive page is better than creating a second account? What do you think the page should have?

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