Sheet Music: Distant Dreamer – Duffy

Distant Dreamer by Duffy Music Video Distant Dreamer Sheet Info – B-flat major – Suitable for small school ensemble – Instrumentation: three vocal parts (female or young children), piano, acoustic guitar, synth strings/violin, percussion (bongos, cabasa, clave, finger cymbal, tambourine, sleigh bells) – PDF file contains full score and individual parts. Total of 32 pages.… Continue reading Sheet Music: Distant Dreamer – Duffy

You Raise Me Up – Free Piano Sheet

You Raise Me Up – Easy Piano Sheets for beginners of different levels. Key of C. Rhythm values of crotchets, minims, dotted minim, and semibreves. For early beginners, 10 fingers only You Raise Me Up (5 finger style)_pianosolo You Raise Me Up (5 finger style)(notehead)_pianosolo For intermediate and advanced beginners. More than one octave. You… Continue reading You Raise Me Up – Free Piano Sheet

Wizard Tower piano sheet pdf

I was recently asked to create a midi file for this song Wizard Tower. You can find the song file here: It’s interesting as I have not transcribed this genre before. Wizard Tower Piano Sheet Preview Wizard Tower Piano Sheet Download Free PDF download : Wizard Tower More Sheets Like Wizard Tower