Opera Music Lesson Ideas

Opera music is predominantly from Europe and most notably popular in Italy, France and Germany. It is full of drama, colours, costumes and of course the music and sound. Opera is typically a work collaboration between the librettist and music composer. The performance will be by the opera singers, supporting acts as well as the… Continue reading Opera Music Lesson Ideas

Getting Started On Asynchronous Music Lessons

Asynchronous music lessons is an emerging trend during the pandemic. Places where Internet connectivity is not fantastic, you might need to resort to alternatives to keep music lessons going and also keep the cash flowing for your music studio.

Diwali Music Lesson Ideas

As a Malaysian living in a multicultural, multilingual, multi-religious country, I have very little to share about how my Diwali Music lesson looks like in my classroom. Hence, it is very crucial that I make effort to build knowledge in this area. Also see: Malaysian Music Teaching Resources Navigate the sections of this article with… Continue reading Diwali Music Lesson Ideas