Sheet Music: Distant Dreamer – Duffy

Distant Dreamer by Duffy Music Video Distant Dreamer Sheet Info – B-flat major – Suitable for small school ensemble – Instrumentation: three vocal parts (female or young children), piano, acoustic guitar, synth strings/violin, percussion (bongos, cabasa, clave, finger cymbal, tambourine, sleigh bells) – PDF file contains full score and individual parts. Total of 32 pages.… Continue reading Sheet Music: Distant Dreamer – Duffy

Fur Elise & Flight of the Bumblebee – Ensemble Mashup

Fur Elise & Flight of Bumblebee Ensemble Score Info For string section, brass, winds and rhythm section Medley of Fur Elise and Flight of Bumblebee in minor key Style includes disco and jazz Ensemble Sheet Info See also Ayak-ayak: A modern take on traditional music #gamelan Beethoven & The Bumblebee – Fur Elise & The Flight… Continue reading Fur Elise & Flight of the Bumblebee – Ensemble Mashup