Song Writing Exercise #1

In recent years, I took up a new musical skill of composing songs. To keep myself productively occupied, I also bought a set of Bible study notes from Amazing Words. During my down time yesterday, as I look up the contents of the study notes, I decided that I want to create a simple song… Continue reading Song Writing Exercise #1

Pave A Way [Original Composition]

A long, dusty, almost forgotten self-made project that took me over a year to release. Please enjoy my interpretation of Isaiah 43: 18-21 Spotify link: See also Raise Me A Hallelujah Beautiful Savior King of My Heart Impossible Things You Raise Me Up

Who Am I cover

It’s been a while since I’ve done such a musical project in recent times due to my busy schedule. I performed “Who Am I” by Casting Clowns on the keys, cello, bass and drums. All are recorded via direct input except for cello which was through a condenser mic. Each part was rehearsed very minimally… Continue reading Who Am I cover