Mid-Autumn Festival | Mooncake Festival | Moon Themed Music Lesson Resource

This year, the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, commonly known as Mooncake Festival in Malaysia is going to be celebrated on 21st of September 2021 (Tuesday). It’s that time of the year where children will play with lanterns at night and it’s also a time of reunion for Chinese families.

I have compiled some resources that I think is very popular in Malaysia and perhaps it will be useful for Music teachers in other parts of the world.

Although it is common to sing Mandarin songs as it was in my personal experience, I would also like to introduce Wau Bulan as an option. Wau Bulan is a Malaysian folk song and I think it will be an interesting addition to these repertoire of lesson resource.


Lesson Resources

1. Yue Liang Yuan (The Moon is Round)
Video – (Adult) Hand action
(Kids) Actions
Song version (Adult/Clear)
Pinyin/Romanization of the text with some brief translation
Quizziz lesson made by Cherthemusic [includes pinyin, translation, singalong]

From Cherthemusic IG post

2. Wo Men De Yue Liang Yi Ding Yuan (The Moon Will Surely Be Round)
Song/Pinyin (Video)
Actions Reference 1
Actions Reference 2
Action Reference 3
Cherthemusic Quizziz Lesson [includes pinyin, translation & singalong]

3. Wau Bulan (Malaysian Folk Song)
KSSR/Std 1 Song Video
KSSR/Std 1/Hand clap
Didi & Friends version
Vocal ensemble/Action reference (1)
Vocal ensemble/Action Reference (2)

4. Cheng Li De Yue Guang (The Moonlight in the City)
Sign language/Hand gestures

5. Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represents My Heart) (Teresa Teng)
Original/PInyin (Lyrics video only)


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