Grade 5: Round song (Part 1)

Teaching round songs are harder than I thought.

In order to perform “Music Alone Shall Live”,  I got the Grade 5s to gather at the assembly area. The class is simply too big and I needed a lot of space to perform the actions.

I tried to perform the song with 3 groups but it was a lot harder than I thought. They were being quite cheeky too and so more class management is needed than teaching here.

Eventually I only use two big groups and manage to get them to perform the round.

I prompted them with many questions after we performed the song, asking them what was the effect after the music was done? The expected answer was harmony.

I even asked them why were we performing the round song with movements. Some said it was a way of being creative, some said it was a way  of keeping in time/tempo/beat. Most importantly the answer that no one could give was that the movements help them know where they are in the music. Sometimes, singers get confused after a few other voices are added into the song. For practise purposes, incorporating actions or movements helps the singers to stay focused.

To finish up the class, I have all of them define round singing in their own words in a mahjong paper. Some answers are worth to discuss in the coming lessons.

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