Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT)

How can you make music learning more effective with technology?
How can you gain a competitive edge using tech in your music lessons?
How are digital tools transforming music education?

Be tech-savvy, increase lesson engagement and effectiveness. Develop your teaching career by joining Cherthemusic’s MTMT, an online professional learning community and your one-stop resource for Music Tech tools.

Top Benefits of MTMT

(1) Step-by-step tutorials by Cher
(2) Online teacher support and consultation with Cher
(3) Supportive learning community

Learning Outcomes

Learn to use free tools for music education on the follow topics

  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Composition
  • Chords/Scales
  • Music Games
  • Music Literacy
  • Lesson Feedback System
  • Lesson Reward System
  • Many more ongoing live workshops!

Music Teacher Meets Tech (MTMT) package contains

(1) MTMT will be hosted on a private Facebook group
(2) Members will have access to lesson tutorials by Cher on fixed topics about Music Tech Tools.
(3) Online Teacher Support includes getting virtual responses and consultation sessions with Cher.
(4) A digital certificate of professional learning will be issued once you complete all the tutorials and tasks.
(5) Lesson tutorial (38 videos) duration is approximately 2.5 hours.

(6) Get to know more tools and up-to-date information about teaching and learning trends!

Price & Payment Information

(1) Lifetime Membership is worth 38USD [Bundled price] for MTMT and MMNS.
(2) Price is per member.

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