Mastering Music Notation Software (MMNS)

This video course is designed to help music educators master a free music notation software. If you have not used a music notation software on your computer, this video course is for you.

In this 37 episodes (1 hour), you will learn to use a free music notation software (Musescore) on your computer (Mac/Windows). Musescore is touted to be one of the best free open source music notation software among music educators and its features are constantly upgraded and reviewed by its enthusiast developers.

Cherylyn’s video lesson will guide you through the basic and advanced functions of Musescore. You will also be part of a private Facebook group community to have discussions and further guidance from Cherylyn. This video lesson course will be a lifetime subscription.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1 : Getting started with Musescore (10 episodes)
Unit 2: Creating Sheet Music (6 episodes)
Unit 3: The Palette and Music Symbols (10 episodes)
Unit 4: Instruments (5 episodes)
Unit 5: Music notation for Education (2 episodes)
Unit 6: Miscellaneous (3 episodes) 

Mastering Music Notation Software (MMS) package contains

(1) MMNS will be hosted on a private Facebook group.
(2) Members will have access to lesson tutorials by Cher.
(3) Online Teacher Support includes getting textual replies from Cher in the community and live consultation.
(4) A digital certificate of professional learning will be issued once you complete all the tutorials and tasks.
(5) Lesson tutorial (36 videos) duration is approximately 1 hour.

Price & Payment Information

(1) Lifetime Membership is worth 38USD [Bundled price] for MTMT and MMNS.
(2) Price is per member.

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