Chinese New Year Song Sheet Music for Piano

The meaning and history of some Chinese New Year songs and downloadable piano sheets.

Cherthemusic Year End Sales!!!

Greetings Music Teachers! As the year closes, I hope you are still coping well with remote lessons. Hang in there and know that you are not alone I have an ongoing promotion for both of my online learning community, Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT) and Mastering Music Notation Software. To know more what these learning… Continue reading Cherthemusic Year End Sales!!!

Major & Minor Triad/Chord Flashcards

You can choose to print in color or BnW. Available for all 24 keys. Suggestions to use this flashcard: (1) Show keyboard imagea – Name the key of triad/chord shown (2) Show the key namea – Play the tonic triad/chordb- Play the arpeggios of the keyc – Name the notes of the triad/chord Purchase LInk… Continue reading Major & Minor Triad/Chord Flashcards