How to download music and video from Youtube on Android and iOS

As I go along with video making this past week, I try to put in some extra effort on creating somewhat attractive thumbnails and dressed up a little bit too. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the final product. I wonder what I will do next.

Apps for Music Video Creation and Editing on iOS and Android

I’m starting a little series of video tutorials for creating and editing music videos on mobile devices. Check out the initial videos for both mainstream platforms and subscribe to my channel to see new videos. Android Tutorial Click here to Subscribe & Receive Free E-Book on Online Music Teaching! iOS Tutorial

Podcast Episode 19 | A Google Meet Hack for Teaching Drawing

Here is a solution I shared for teaching drawing in Google Meets. Watch the video podcast to find out more! Find all podcast episodes here Click to follow my podcast at major platforms If you like this content from Cher, support her by clicking the image below to buy her coffee! Get connected with Cher!