Who owns Cherthemusic?

Owned by Cherylyn, a music teacher with passion for technology.

What is Cherthemusic? How do you pronounce it?

The “Cher” in “Cherthemusic” is derived from Cherylyn’s name. “Cher” also means “love” in French. So “Cherthemusic” can mean love music. Besides that, “Cherthemusic” also does sound like ‘share the music’.

Cherylyn’s beliefs

This is what Cherylyn has to say:

“I believe in that sharing with others about new ideas that will help to spark a revolution in music education. I also hope to inspire others that they can do so much more with the tools already in their hands!”

What does Cherthemusic do?

As of November 2020, she is a Music Coordinator at an International School in the Klang Valley. Prior to this new stint, Cherylyn was a freelance music educator for two years and general music educator for 5 years at her previous employment.

To share her expertise in Music Education, she also offers a range of short courses.

Who designed Cherthemusic’s brand logo?

Cherylyn designed it on Canva.com. The icons are  made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com


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