How to create Synthesia videos or ‘flowing keys’ piano tutorials?


This is a question I frequent get from my peers about Synthesia videos or similar flowing keys piano tutorials.
I finally took time to answer them in this video. Enjoy!

How to create Synthesia videos or ‘flowing keys’ piano tutorials? – Video Explanation

Steps to creating Synthesia piano tutorials

  1. Create MIDI file: Use music notation software like Sibelius, Finale, Dorico to create the MIDI file. The reason to avoid real-time input of MIDI is to ensure that the music notes are of the correct length. It takes a lot of time to clean up the notation.
  2. Input MIDI file into MIDI visualizer: Import the MIDI file into a MIDI visualizer like Synthesia.
  3. Screen record the MIDI visualizer: Get a good screen recorder like Bandicam and screen record the song that is imported into the MIDI visualizer.
  4. Record live piano performance (optional): You might want to add real-time piano playing below the MIDI visualizer. You can do so by recording your piano playing by playing along with the MIDI.
  5. Edit videos (Optional): After recording your piano performance, you will have to edit the screen recording and the piano performance into one video by using video editors like Filmora.

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