What can I do with my music pitch flash cards?

1. Memory Game 1: For this game, it will useful to have the flash card printed only on one side and the other side is blank. Lay out the cards on a table face down, arranged at random. Student will open two cards at time and try to pair notes of the same pitch. Eg. Treble clef G and Bass Clef G are paired. Play with a timer to make it more fun and challenging. Example as follows:

gce5mpkmi      bass-clef-g

2. Memory Game 2: For this game, print pitch names and pitch on clef. Both are printed individually. Lay out the cards at random, faced down. Student will open two cards at a time to match pitch name to its pitch symbol. Play with a timer to make it more fun and challenging. Example as follows:

gce5mpkmi       180px-letterg.svg_

3. Matching Game 1: Flashcards for this game can be either pitch names or pitch symbol in any clef. Printed on one side. Student will place given cards in correct position on the keyboard. Optional: A special flashcard can be printed with an arrow at the bottom of it to pinpoint the location of keys better. Play with a timer to make it more fun and challenging. Example as follows:




4. Name me fast! : Use a stopwatch and get students to name as many pitches as possible with a stack of flashcards.

5. Times up! : Any of the above games but with a timer. Best played with more than one individual or groups to make students more competitive.

Where can I download pitch flashcards? You can purchase THE COMPLETE PITCH FLASH CARD SET  from my TpT Store.


Check out my previous post for more ideas.

Featured Image by Manfred Steger from Pixabay

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