Grade 5: Round Singing (Part 3)

Sorry, I haven’t been updating the past few days because I was busy with some personal schedules. As a relatively new person in this industry, I have faced challenges in balancing my personal interest and work interest. Let’s hope it works out for the best on both sides.

Last Friday, I revised all the round songs that we were learning (One Bottle of Pop, Make New Friends, MIss Suzy Had A Steamboat). According to student’s preference I manage to split the students into two big groups. The task  of the day was to try conducting and practising the round songs on their own.

I managed the groups by having the bigger group practise inside the music room and the smaller group practise outside the music room. This is to avoid the musical clashes between two songs.

Every group can select a conductor or volunteer one. A few students were allowed to give conducting a try. I told the conductors that they  must cue their fellow singers before starting the song and also inform the singers which will start first. I also taught the conductors how they can keep time (clapping, tapping, using small instruments, etc).

Based on my observations of the practise, they were able to sing the rounds. However, due to the fact that they needed to concentrate on their individual parts, they tend to be shouting the lyrics instead of singing. This happened in order to out sing the other part.

As this is my first time teaching round songs, I find that I need to constantly remind the singers to stand close to each other in order to hear the others voice. In future I need to cultivate the awareness of their surroundings more especially when it comes to ensemble playing or group performance. I believe that children should develop this skill as it’s the same as learning to listen others before listening to oneself.

Nonetheless, I think the students are enjoying this lesson so far as the songs are pretty silly and the need to concentrate on their parts is like a game to them.

Below is a sample of one of the groups performance:

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