Grade 4 – Jazz Chant (Part 2)

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The next culminating activity to learning and applying  Jazz Chant was getting the students to create a word splash on this special theme ” Teacher’s day”. Teacher’s Day celebration is coming up at school and I wanted to use this opportunity to get my students to perform for the school event if possible.

I prepared word splash task sheet as shown  as above so that the students can concentrate better. I grouped into 9 groups with 3 members in it. I got them to sit in a circle around the music room. They were only given one minute to write down as many words as they can into their task sheet. After 1 min, they will have to pass their sheet to another group. The other groups will  add on more words and check out the previous words that were used. It was kind of fun to see the kids rushing to write out as many words as they possibly can. The class was full of chatter but my assistant and I made sure that they were having productive chatter.

When the students were stuck, I prompt them with questions like the following:

1. What words would you use to describe your teachers?

2. What has your teachers taught you?

3. Are teachers like family to you?

4. What words of appreciation would you say to your teachers?

It was an exciting 10 minutes and as I wrap up this part of the activity, I taught them this a few simple methods to create suitable sentences for a Jazz Chant. Applying the 2-3-1 formula is one of it. Basically it is using 3 words of different amounts of syllables.

For example: teacher, studying and books. The word ‘teacher’ has two syllables (tea-cher), the word ‘studying’ has three syllables and the word ‘books’ has one syllable. To perform this 2-3-1 formula, it would sound like this and don’t forget to say it in beat! (underlined words are said/performed on the down beat)

Teacher, studying, books (clap) <say it two times>

Teacher, studying, teacher, studying, teacher, studying, books!

Another way of creating sentences for Jazz Chants was rhyming the words. The kids find this really fun. Using the same formula, all the words had to rhyme.

After learning some basic formulas to creating a Jazz Chant, I instructed the students to use the bottom part of the task sheet to create suitable sentences to be part of the Jazz Chant performance.

I have to say that only a handful of groups were really creative but I guess they have tried their best. The next thing I will have to do is to compile their words and sentences and show the class the result of their work. Then I will proceed to gather ideas on how to compose the Jazz Chant.

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