Grade 1 – It’s A Beautiful House! (Task Sheet)

2014-04-17 09.06.172014-04-17 09.06.36  2014-04-17 09.07.072014-04-17 09.07.21

I used to think incorporating arts into my subject is not relevant. However, I find that it is the easiest way to get my students to communicate with me and I got to know them better. For the song “It’s A Beautiful House”, I got my students to draw what would be a beautiful home to them.

Here are some interesting drawings that I would like to share:


It’s interesting how the ladder is outside the house. When I asked why, this student said that it leads to the top of a tree (which I couldn’t see!). I can only imagine how big and tall the tree is.


This is a really nice colourful house. I liked that the student made use of the entire space that I provided.


This drawing have some background to it. It doesn’t look much at first but the boy’s explanation on his drawing was really really interesting. He has some cameras installed outside his house. He said that it will help to fight crime and also catch thieves. He said that it would be helpful for the policeman. There is also a button for bell outside his house. You would also notice a jail in the house. I believe the idea of the jail came from last week’s fundraising event where we had a jail booth. Some of the boys told me that they were actually in the library until the jail booth marshalls came to catch them. I can’t help but laugh at this but this drawing is so full meaning.


I like the people or the stickman that you can see in this drawing. Many of the other drawings does not depict human activities in the house.

2014-04-17 09.04.26

This house has a detail description of the interior.

2014-04-17 09.07.47

This house is quite interesting. It depicts the activities held outside the house.


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