Grade 6 – Orchestral instruments

One important characteristic of being a teacher is to be EXTREMELY spontaneous. That is one hard thing that I have to learn in this teaching journey of mine. I have assigned 6 groups in the class to do a small research on the string family, the wood wind family, the brass wind family, the rhythm section or percussion family, orchestral music and orchestra conductor. Only 3 groups manage to bring some material related to their research.

Image Image



What I did is made the 3 other groups join the  groups which has material and got them to share their research. Everyone was required to know something about the research and be able to tell the class what they have learn from this sharing session. After the sharing session, I have prepared a small activity. The students will select a piece of paper from a box containing information about the orchestra. After that, they need to group the information from their peers. From this activity, they will discover the instruments and its family. Since only 3 groups present their material that day, the info about string family, wood wind family and the percussion family were given to them.



With shortened period, these activities were enough to complete some of my goals. I hope to finish them by the end of this week as there are many other topics to press on in preparation for their summative assessment.

Some of the notes that the student’s take down when they were researching at home.

2014-04-14 14.46.19 2014-04-14 14.47.18 2014-04-14 14.55.54 2014-04-14 14.56.30

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