Grade 3 Yellow – PItch/Dynamics/Tempo

When I was revising the concept of pitch, I realize my students have mixed up the words to describe it. For example using loud and soft to describe pitch. This cause me to draw a mind map for pitch, tempo and dynamics on the white board. I wanted to make it clear to them that these 3 musical elements are very different from one to another. So we revised the words that we used in dynamics (forte, piano). They often mix up tempo and rhythm too. I reminded them the activity that we had using exploring the pitch on various instruments. I got them to relate the size/length/thickness of the instrument to pitch. I breath a sigh of relief when they could associate it to their Kodaly hand signs. The higher the hand position, the higher the pitch. The lower the hand position, the lower the pitch.

Then it boils down to the revision of singing with their hand signs, emphasis on Do-Mi-So-La. I guided them again with the Wolf Game song. Some still find it hard and confused to sing with the hand signs. So I wrote down the lyrics of the song and wrote the solfege on top of the words. Then we tried singing the solfege with the hand signs. Most of them find it easier to relate to the words now that they can see the solfege. I must take note that this class is full of visual learners.

As an advancement from passing one song, I thought them to sing Rain, Rain, Go Away with the hand signs. They find it a lot more easier and they could grasp the song in the newly incorporated right at the end of the song, eventhough most people would just stick to Mi-So-La.

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