Grade 2: The Healthy Song

I found a very groovy and rather jazzy song about health care song for Grade 2s, this is the link:

It driving rhythm at the beginning strongly reminds me of Duffy’s “Mercy”.

I want to train the students to be able to sing and perform music instruments at the same time.

I revised the concept of short and long sounds and got them to try identifying the pattern I was playing with a tambourine, egg shaker and sleigh bell. They could recognize the long-short-short pattern that I was playing.

After learning the song, I tried getting them to accompany the song with percussions.

I also encouraged them to sing and play.

By the end of the class, I asked them whether it was difficult to accompaniment the song. They told me that it was too fast.

This was one issue that I fail to see from the beginning.

Thank God for technology. I told them that I will play the music slower during the next lesson.

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