Grade 3 – Pitch

My aim  this week is to concentrate on solfeges (do, mi, so and la). However, upon revising with the kids, I realize that some of them have poor understanding on pitch and differentiating it with dynamics/volume. A few would describe high pitch as loudness and vice versa. I took to task to bring handy percussion instruments and demonstrate to them, hoping that they can would listen attentively and realize that the size of the instrument has close relation to the sound that they are hearing.

With the Green class, I allowed them to try and explore the sounds on the instruments (mini xylophone, cow bell, triangle, agogo bell, bongos). They find it fun and enjoyable to be able to play the instruments. They were even singing Christmas tunes to the beat that they were creating on the instruments. Though a little off the task, they were still able to tell me what they have discovered. I hope to conduct a short activity like this with the Yellow class tomorrow.

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