Grade 1 – A Beautiful Day

In preparation for Honours Day, I have make a point in my lessons to incorporate singing, actions and music instrument performance. To finish out the UOI on weather, the last song that I taught yesterday was called A Beautiful Day. They seem to like the song but they find difficulty in remembering so much words. I hope to work on this eventually. I like this song as it has the tambourine accompaniment in the song. Hence choreographing something similar into their performance is good guidance for learning.

By the end of the class, they were able to tell me that they learn to sing and perform with the instruments simultaneously. From my observation, they need to be constantly reminded to follow my steps and actions closely (mirroring my movements). I think I have to make lesser movements as some were not able to follow. I would need to work on this more as this will also prepare for the next year (Grade 2).

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