Grade 3 – Drawing emotions and experiences

The Grade 3 students surprised me a lot this week. The topic is emotions and relating it to music. I got them to do a simple word splash on emotions and all kinds of answers were given. I mean, can we consider ‘proud’ and ‘jealous’ as a type of emotion? Perhaps we can and they sure have a way of explaining it. The highlight of this topic is when they have to draw about a memory or an experience relating to the music that they are hearing. I chose two songs for this activity. The first is a very lively theme song from a Japanese drama called Hanakimi and the second is a very mellow theme song from a Japanese movie called Okubirito. I did not intentional picked Japanese songs but I thought these songs were easy for the students to relate to.

While the kids were drawing, I got them to explain to me what they were drawing. I got some pretty genuine drawings. For example, Jeremy felt sad when listening to the Okubirito theme song and he thought of this grandfather whom passed away. Nana was sad because a good friend, Kelly left the school. Some of these stories touched a string some where in this heart but it still surprises me how they could express themselves like that.

Sometimes these kids just amaze you in ways you don’t expect and I’m still amazed and hope to see more of this kind of expression in future.

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