Week 3 Day 1

This week is the 3rd week at FISP for me. Though I was teaching 2 classes today but I had two extreme results from today’s classes. 

The moment I entered Grade 4, some already started singing the “Good morning” song I have been performing for them since the day 1. Very spontaneously they requested for the actions or movements. The highlight today was teaching them how to conduct using standard hand signals. They eagerly learn how to count beat 2, 3 and 4 with the hand signals. Once they got a hang of it, I put on some music with those respective beats and got them to volunteer to come up and conduct the music whilst their classmates sing along. What I find most amusing is that one of them asked me when was the music class assessment. I think they anticipate having the conducting as an assessment and I don’t think it’s a bad idea. 

The downside today was Grade 2 Green that I taught today. I’m still struggling to get their fullest attention. The boys are in the world of their transformers and robots. The girls were also very distracted today. I really pity those who really listened to my instructions. I thought playing a game of London Bridge would help get their attention but I still fail to get them to do it properly. I end up shouting again and getting them to sit down. I’m still figuring it out how to control the lower PYP students and the challenge is still on. 

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